1xBet Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is a document that reflects the interests of our users. Therefore, any user of 1xBet Brazil will find information on how we provide our users with a high degree of security and protection. Read the details to understand the essence of the matter.

Know the Privacy Policy of the bookmaker 1xBet.

Player Privacy Policy

The information of 1xBet customers that identifies each user is referred to as personal information in the document, where it is indicated in the privacy policy section.

Thus, user identification is carried out on the basis of personal data. This is the main condition that needs to be met, so if you decide to join the 1xBet bookmaker, you will have to provide this information, as it guarantees the security of the entire system.

What Does 1xBet Want to Know?

The 1xBet iGames platform collects information only for the operation of all functions. Therefore, we do not ask for more information than is necessary to ensure the security of the registration.

What does personal information about a player mean?

  • Your name;
  • Registration address;
  • Birthday;
  • Payment Information.

You provide this data, then the information is encrypted with a key known only to you.

Thus, it is a guarantee that no one but you will have access to this information. In addition, to make transfers within the 1xBet system, you will use a password known only to you. The 1xBet platform encrypts all data traffic between clients and servers. The encryption program uses the SSL security protocol. In the event of a failure in the operation of the bookmaker, there will be several additional servers on our platform at the same time. Thus, the risk of system failure is zero.

Secure Storage of Information

If you are betting on the 1xBet platform, remember that the information you enter is encrypted using a software key known only to you. Other people will not be able to access your database. The program is connected to a separate internal network and therefore is not on the same main line as the external servers available to the user. Thus, when information is needed for a transaction, the user must enter a password (which is used to decrypt the information); then the external server sends an instruction to a special communication module to execute the transaction and provides the password. Check how the system works to ensure the security of the privacy policy.

The interface, which is the only way to access the internal database, passes this instruction to the database, which uses the password entered by the player to decrypt the required information and complete the transaction in this way.

This process may seem complicated and unnecessary to non-specialists, but it is necessary to ensure the security of any sensitive data that is stored in a place connected to the outside world. So this means that even if someone hacks the 1xBet servers, the scammer will never get access to your information. In addition, using encryption with a key known only to the client reduces the possibility of internal fraud.

Since 1xBet has information such as account balances and transactions, data leakage can cause great damage. Therefore, to eliminate this risk, we apply two systems:

  1. The site performs a daily backup of all data;
  2. We were able to enable the option to recover data after any system failure.

How Do You Enter Your Details on the 1xBet Brazil Website?

Your personal information is easily posted on the 1xBet website. When registering, opening and maintaining an account, our users provide data about themselves in the appropriate form on the site.

Here you will learn about “Cookies”. They are used to enable you to launch the 1xBet website without having to re-enter your password every time you visit a new page. Our web server will record information about the pages our users’ visit.

There are situations where you may or may not provide information about yourself at your own discretion. Therefore, the privacy policy of our service allows you, if you wish, to refuse to provide some personal information.

How Does 1xBet Use Personal Information?

1xBet bookmaker collects customer data in order to:

  • Administer user accounts;
  • Bookkeeping and document management;
  • Monitor the level of use of the website;
  • Comply with regulatory and legal requirements;
  • Maintain the quality of 1xBet services;
  • Inform customers at specific times about products and services.

The platform stores this information and performs analysis if necessary to investigate any real or suspected criminal activity. All rights related to the storage of personal information of users belong to 1xBet Brazil.

Access to Personal Information

This way, you will always have access to the information the company has about you. Therefore, in order to view and update the details of your personal information, you simply log in to the website using your username and password, access “My Account” – “Settings” and make changes to your details.

In addition, you can also contact the support team at any time using the contact information available on the website. Players can correct incorrect information and even remove it if they wish.


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