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1xBet has been advocating free access to adult gaming platforms in the country since the beginning. Everyone must distinguish themselves and have the right to be able to play clearly so that limits and financial possibilities are respected. All with integrated and responsible content offered in a safe and secure environment. Therefore, 1xBet respects the fundamental rights of those who play the so-called “games of chance” within the framework of reason and entertainment.

Learn about responsible gambling and how to play at 1xBet without consequences.

Responsible Gaming

That’s why 1xBet protects the environment of security and transparency, disclosing the operators licensed in their countries and using the most up-to-date security certificates available online. 1xBet will continue to be responsible for betting, thus preventing the spread of illegal channels, as well as promoting the integrity of sports competitions, curbing the interest of the “black market”.

It is common knowledge that for most people gambling is entertainment and a positive experience. Encouraging responsible gambling means minimizing the possibility of developing excessive gambling behavior with associated risks.

Responsible gambling is about gambling as a form of entertainment and entertainment, following some rules that allow you to keep the game under control:

  • Maintain a reasonable connection between the game and other leisure activities;
  • Don’t forget that the goal is to have a good time, establish social relationships, or have fun, not focus on making money or playing games to forget about personal problems;
  • The bet amounts are adjusted according to economic possibilities and always with the money intended for recreation, without prejudice to the money intended for the expenses of daily life;
  • Play only at scheduled game times;
  • The ability to stop playing whenever you want, without any difficulty.

In addition to following the rules described above, a responsible player is characterized by:

  • Be aware of the real chances of winning or losing;
  • By conscious choice, play moderately and in reasonable amounts;
  • Enjoy the game in a low-risk environment.

1xBet emphasizes that:

  • Betting responsibly means making choices based on facts, and keeping track of the time and money you plan to spend.
  • People who bet responsibly need to know all the details of the game they are about to play. They decide in advance how much time and money they want to spend.
  • Responsible gambling allows you to make gambling an enjoyable and exciting experience with minimal risk of harm to the player, family or friends.

Compulsive Games

While the vast majority of people play for fun, play the game as a form of communication, or as another moment of fun while having fun, we understand that some people lose control of their in-game behavior.

What is compulsive gambling behavior?

Compulsive behavior is when a person loses the freedom to decide whether to gamble or not, and gambling becomes their priority need, which leads to a deterioration in personal, family and social life.

The main characteristics of compulsive gambling are as follows:

  • Loss of control over the urge to gamble for an extended period of time;
  • Progressive increase in game frequency and number of bets;
  • A constant desire to gamble and earn money in order to be able to do so continuously;
  • Changes in long-term gaming behavior, even with adverse effects.
  • Pathological gambling is a health problem recognized by the World Health Organization.

User Responsibility

1xBet understands that the final decision and responsibility for the game process and bet amounts shall be at the discretion of the user. Awareness of user responsibility is the most reliable form of protection.

1xBet Responsibility

It is 1xBet’s responsibility to provide clear information about the products and services offered and to support community members in the responsible decisions they have to make when choosing where they want to play. The rights and obligations arising from the gaming contract offered by the operator are also subject to our attention and verification. As a matter of principle, we only establish relationships with licensed, regulated and verified operators who have proven they have established a relationship of trust with their customers through a history of best practices.

Compliance with the following rules guarantees entertainment through responsible gaming:

  • Play only when you feel rested and focused.
  • Take breaks while playing.
  • Decide in advance how much you want to play per month.
  • Do not later increase the maximum value of the limit you set earlier.
  • Before you start playing, determine the number of winnings you want to stop the game from.
  • Decide in advance the amount related to the loss.
  • Do not play while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Do not play if you are emotionally disturbed.

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Lucas Ribeiro

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